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24th-Jun-2014 11:21 pm - Happy 27th Birthday Taisuke!
Taipi panda

Happy Birthday Taisuke!

15th-Aug-2013 12:39 am - Happy Second Anniversary!
Taipi panda
This is late...but still....


Time goes so fast and I cant believe its the second year already. And it has nothing been but a joyful ride!
I'm seeing them in a week's time I cant wait!
Perfect way to celebrate <3
25th-Jun-2013 11:16 pm - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAISUKE!
Taipi panda
Another good year and I'm continuing to love it! <3


26th-Sep-2012 12:35 am - Taishi Update
Taipi panda
I realized that I've probably done a Taishi post one time too many LOL
But hey Taishi's got new costumes ^_^

I've always liked this Kis-My-Ft2 get up. It really just looks so cool!

hamakisu taishi
Taishi goes to school! Hamakisu that is

tamagaya taishi tomota
Tashi with babyshazam 's Tomota doing TamaGaya <3
I love how the two boys in top seem to be smling at the ones on the bottom lol

And this probably wont be the last post I'll be doing on Taishi :P
want me taipi
Happy First Debut Anniversary Kis-My-Ft2

Its been a PHENOMENAL 1st year! Congratulations!
I'm glad I've become a part of this fandom and it's been an awesome first year
Thank you for being my happy place <3

11th-Jul-2012 12:01 am - Happy Birthday Shige!
dr yazaki
Happy Birthday Shige!


It being a weekday, I can't properly go out to celebrate
So me and Taishi just celebrated Shige's birthday on our own <3


25th-Jun-2012 12:18 am - Happy Birthday Taisuke
want me taipi
This is the first year I am celebrating Taisuke's Birthday <3



Went out Yesderday with babyshazam, almond18 and zaq_in_chill to celebrate <3
Had a blast discovering that the Karaoke place we often go to has all the new Johnny's song available already
and yes new Kis-my-Ft2 album songs. Then went to Little Tokyo for dinner after.


Tomota, Taishi and Sho-bear were there too LOL ^__^
24th-Jun-2012 03:56 am - Taishi's Closet
want me taipi
My Duffy's name is Taishi as you can probably guess why ^__^
I got him way back November but I realized this is the first time I'm posting pictures of him on my LJ
Been dressing him up and I have made a few costumes so far

First costume I've ever thought of getting (This one I didn't make though LOL bought it at BAB)

Loved this Shu-san get-up so when I thought of making an 'Ikemen Desu Ne' costume I had to make this ^__^

My own version of 3D Girl Taisuke - 3D Girl Taishi

I'm still working on a few more costumes so hopefully I'll get around to finishing them soon >.<
19th-Sep-2011 02:52 am - Shu Pic Spam
innocent Shu
"Ikemen Desu Ne" is already finished and I just can't help but do a pic spam for Shu-san :D
I really just fell in love with series. It was funny, endearing and had a lot of  giddy moments.
And I so just love Shu-san's character. Fujigaya was awesome here (i like him too lol)
One thing led to another and then now I am posting this LOL

It was my friend babyshazam who led me here so I have her to thank :D This is also for you coz I know you also love Shu :)
Also for fellow Ikemen addicts heroismine and zaq_in_chill

All the Shu flailing hereCollapse )
11th-Sep-2011 11:41 pm - Happy Anniversary NEWS!
Taipi panda


Time flies since Ive meet this wonderful boys and my life was never the same <3
They've taught me a lot of things and Ive made some great friends along the way. For that I am grateful.

I have to many things in my heart and mind to properly express them in words so I'll let it be for now.

Take heart NEWS! We've got your back!
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